An Authentic Touch, Peshtemal Towels

Since primitive times, people had to dress to protect themselves from natural conditions. Even though ordinary animal hides met these needs at first, as time passed, they wanted to reflect on who they were with their clothes. Thus, the so-called fashion was born. Various models came and went, clothes were designed with countless colors. A different outfit was invented for each concept. While designing clothes suitable for every concept, bathroom fashion was not forgotten. Peshtemals, Hand Towels, Beach Towels, Bath Towels… Many towels were produced to serve a need and continue to be produced.

Peshtemal Towels, A Taste You Will Be Satisfied With

There are many models of towels, each serving a different task. You can use Peshtemal Towels on the beach, in sports facilities, in Ottoman baths that will enchant you with their authentic atmosphere, or as a blanket that protects you while sitting in the garden of your house on a cool summer evening. Peshtemals are chosen without hesitation because they serve many areas of use and their quality soft tissues. Peshtemals Towels with a historical and authentic texture dating back decades are appearing on the beaches this summer.

towels for gymDespite their long and wide size, Peshtemals are light and thin. So it is easy to carry. Originating in Turkey, Motto Peshtemal is the best wholesaler and manufacturers Turkish Towels and the the pioneer of the towel market with long years of experience in the textile field. It is the best address for unlimited and reliable quality peshtemal towels. Peshtemals Towels made of durable yarns are the number one choice of their interlocutors. Thanks to its light texture, it dries quickly and does not allow the formation of malodors. A wonderful experience awaits you with the peshtemal towels of Motto Peshtemal.

If you want to learn more details about Peshtemals, also known as Turkish Towels and Hammam Towel, from the Ottoman Empire to the modern-day don’t forget readHistory of Peshtemal” and “Turkish Bath & Hammam Culture” articles.

Would you like to go on a pleasant exploration of the colorful and sparkling world of Peshtemal culture, from new generation designs to trendy peshtemal and Turkish towel fashion, from useful information about towel usage? If the answer is yes, the “Motto Peshtemal Blog” page is just for you.

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