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Choosing the right towel seems easy at first, but depending on where and for what purpose you will use it, some important details should not be overlooked. Some features that stand out in products such as hand towels, face towels, foot towels or bath towels that are used at home are also important for beach towels. However, there are other factors that you should consider when choosing between beach towel models that you will use on the sand in the summer heat.

Beach Towels

The beach towel you use when you get out of the sea or pool in the summer must be of the right size to wrap your body. A model that is small or large for your size will cause difficulty while drying. However, a towel that takes up a lot of space in a beach bag will become more difficult to carry as it will get heavier after you dry it. For this reason, quick-drying towel models stand out. Pestemal beach towels stand out with their small footprint and quick drying feature. Moreover, with its organic fabric structure, peshtemal beach towels do not cause irritation on the skin of the users and help you enjoy your holiday.

Bath Towels

When we say bath and hotel towels, although many of them are similar to each other, they usually reveal that they are different after the first use or the first wash. The desire to dry on soft towels, which is everyone’s dream, can unfortunately fall into the water when a poor quality towel is preferred. In fact, some products can become hard enough to seriously irritate the skin after a few months of use. Therefore, it is of great importance to choose a quality bath towel that will not lose its softness even if you wash frequently in order to ensure hygiene.


Bath and hotel towels are generally produced for use after showering, have high absorbency and soft texture. The first thing that consumers look for in these towels is that they absorb moisture quickly, do not irritate the skin and have an organic structure. Bathroom and hotel towel sets have two parts, body towels and head towels. Mainly these two pieces should be found in every home and hotel. For this reason, it is also an important point that towels take up less space. Those who prefer peshtemal bath hotel towels mostly prefer this product due to its soft texture, rapid absorption of moisture and its small footprint.
It is your most natural right to choose light, easy-drying and stylish clothes suitable for your skin at the beach. For this reason, peshtemal weavings will be very good choices for you in choosing beachwear. Moreover, peshtemal woven beach clothes will be a choice that will not interrupt your holiday pleasure with its light structure, being less affected by the heat and fast drying structure.

Beach Wears

When you are preparing for the summer beach, you want to buy many products and prepare a completely complete bag. After purchasing the most suitable bikini and swimsuit models, you have placed the appropriate bag and beach towel in the holiday bag. However, beachwear is also an important issue that should be chosen with the same care.

Bathrobe Towels

A good bath takes you away from the chaos of daily life and makes you happy. The quality of the bathrobe you wear after bathing is as important as a pleasant bath. Apart from being hygienic in the bathrobe and preventing water from coming into contact with your skin and keeping you cold, its soft texture resembles a sleep state and its peace and pleasure should continue after bathing.
Its easy-to-clean feature means real comfort for everyone. For the choice of natural, healthy and comfortable bathrobes, peshtemal bathrobes will be the best choice. Peshtemal bathrobes, which increase the pleasure of bathing with their light and soft texture, non-space-saving features, antibacterial and organic fabric, are also a very enjoyable choice for consumers with their fast-drying and fast-absorbing structure.
From the beginning of the gestation period, it is quite normal to think of the best for the future baby and want to get the best for the baby. There are many details to consider in this process. It is the priority of parents to pursue those details in order to choose the best, researching everything. Parents, who show a special sensitivity when choosing the items to be used, prioritize the highly sensitive baby skin and low immunity.

Baby Blankets

The tiny body of the baby requires special attention. Sleep is very important for babies who grow miraculously every day. In order to have a good sleep, there are many factors such as the comfort of the place where you sleep, the temperature of the room, the clothes you are wearing and the cover you will cover. Baby blankets are indispensable for sleeping time. Baby blankets to be used for the needs of your baby have a big share in the baby’s having a pleasant resting period.
Choosing a baby blanket should be tailored to the needs of the baby. Since it is not dressed, it should not be thought that it does not touch your skin. The products to be used for the health of the baby are important. Fabric selection should be the first feature to be considered here. Products that will not cause allergic reactions and products that do not use chemical substances should be selected. The type of blanket used should be adjusted, taking into account the seasonal coldness. Choosing a peshtemal product in blanket selection will be a very relaxing choice for parents since it is antiallergic, organic and 100% cotton.

Patterned Cotton Fabric Masks

Since the day the Covid-19 virus entered our lives, we live a life in which we have to wear a mask. For this reason, the selection of masks has become an important part of our lives. While the masks that cover the mouth and nose protect us from viruses and external factors, they should not prevent us from breathing comfortably. For this reason, choosing a mask has become a vital issue.
Buying a mask suitable for your clothes and style is of course an important issue to meet our aesthetic needs. According to the order of importance, the mask is desired to be anti-virus, to have a comfortable breathing and antibacterial texture, as well as to have a beautiful pattern. For this reason, patterned cotton fabric masks come to our rescue. You can feel safe, stylish and comfortable with patterned cotton fabric masks.
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