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Experts remind us of the things we should do and the things we must avoid to protect ourselves and everyone around us from COVID-19. And during the quarantine times, we published three blog posts on the patterned cotton fabric masks and the disposable towels we manufacture & wholesale. You can read our “100% Cotton Fabric Masks For Everyone”, “Disposable Towel Wholesale”, and “Medical Mask Wholesale” articles by simply clicking the links below. In this week’s blog post, we’ll be writing about what precautions we took, how we reacted to the dangerous Coronavirus threat, and under what conditions we manufacture and wholesale our Turkish towels, bathrobes, beachwear, baby blankets, disposable towels, and cotton masks.

Let’s begin!

What Precautions We Took Against COVID-19

As a responsible manufacturer and wholesaler, we consider all our co-workers, our partners, and everyone we work with is our family. Hence, we took serious precautions in our factory and storage units as well as all of our other work environments.

We provided all our co-workers with the reliable cotton masks we manufacture and wholesale and made sure that they kept their social distance for their well-being as they worked. Those who can work from home contributed to our work from their homes to reduce the number of people in our work environments and help to keep our social distance.

Sterilizing all our weaving machines, desks, rooms, chairs, in short our entire working environment frequently was also crucial for our co-worker’s well-being. Hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves helped us keeping our working environment sterile greatly.

We obeyed all the regulations and warnings that our government and medical experts came up with very carefully and shutting down our factory entirely was one of the precautions we took to prevent the sickness from spreading.

Thanks to all these precautions we took, and the great caution of our co-workers, we keep manufacturing patterned cotton fabric masks, disposable towels, Turkish towels, beachwear, baby blankets, bathrobes, and our brand new Bath & Hotel towels collection now. You can confidently contact us for your orders, questions, and wholesale needs for our entire collection.


Our Manufacturing Environment

We already wrote down all the important details about how we keep our working environment and the cotton masks, disposable towels, bathrobes, peshtemal, bathrobes, and Bath & Hotel towels we manufacture and wholesale sterile, and how we keep all our co-workers safe from the disease in the section above. In this section we would like to discuss how we kept our morale high as a family working together and how we keep the cogs in the machine working perfectly.

As a family of many hard-working men and women, morale was and is always one of the most important things in our work environment. Especially in these dark times of humanity, we managed to socialize and have fun without letting our guard down on our frequent video conferences. Sharing reading and watch lists, chatting over conference calls, sharing knowledge, information, and tips about the Covid-19 disease, we managed to have fun and relaxing times during the quarantine times. And we hope that everyone has had relaxing and fun moments as we did.

Lastly, we would like to share a video that we as a family thinks might be useful for you from the YouTube channel Petr Ludwig / Konec prokrastinace [CZE]: “How to Significantly Slow Coronavirus? #Masks4All (featuring Minister of Health of the Czech Rep.)”

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You can easily browse through the entire collection of premium-quality and elegant peshtemal designs, bathrobes, ponchos, Bath & Hotel towels, baby blankets, cotton masks, and disposable towels we manufacture and wholesale on our “products” page or by clicking the links below.

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You can learn all the details about Turkish beach towels, peshtemal bathrobes, patterned cotton fabric masks, beachwear designs, baby blankets, and Bath & Hotel towels we manufacture and wholesale on our frequently updated textiles blog.

We highly suggest you read our latest article about cotton masks we shared recently. You can find out why patterned cotton masks are important to keep you safe from the Coronavirus and how it can help you keep your morale high during these dark times.

Motto Peshtemal, cotton mask manufacturer and wholesaler, wishes you a healthy and happy life!

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As the Covid-19 keeps terrorizing our society, we will keep sharing articles related to this situation. We devoted this week’s blog post to the cotton masks we manufacture and wholesale. We’ll write about why everyone should wear cotton masks, what are the benefits of fabric masks, how does cotton masks help us, and how to maintain cotton masks for a longer time.

Before we begin our article, we’d like to share two articles we published earlier on this topic. You can find our “Disposable Towel Wholesale” article and “Medical Mask Wholesale” articles by simply clicking the links. You can also find all of our articles about Turkish towels, how we manufacture Turkish beach towels, what are the aspects of peshtemal, and why peshtemal are perfect by browsing our textiles blog!

Let’s begin already, right?

Why Everyone Should Wear Cotton Fabric Masks?

As researches indicate that wearing fabric masks will make a great difference in our battle against Covid-19, countries such as Turkey, the USA, Austria, Germany, Morocco, Czech Republic, in short, many countries all around the world, have made wearing masks in public mandatory. And medical researches clearly show that countries that flattened the spread curve used masks in public.

Even though wearing cotton masks in public would draw attention and stares only a couple months ago it is now a common thing as it helps us greatly in our fight against the virus. As time goes on, the governments all around the world have started to ease down the lockdown and quarantine regulations. This approach made wearing masks in public even more important than ever.


Why Use Cotton Masks?

As N95 and surgical masks are scarce and should be reserved for the health care workers who fight the hardest front in our battle against the Coronavirus threat, cotton fabric masks are the best option for the public. You might ask why. The reason why cotton fabric masks are the best for public usage is explained by Dr. Gustavo Ferrer, pulmonologist, and the president of the Intensive Care Experts Health network.

Dr. Ferrer states that cotton has tiny fibers that may stop the virus particles on the way through, minimizing the risk of getting ill.  Thick cotton also came out on top in an unpublished story from Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Benefits of Patterned Cotton Face Masks

Patterned cotton face masks we manufacture and wholesale to the entire world comes with many different benefits. As we stated in the chapter below, cotton masks are one of the best options for public use. Apart from that, fabric masks we manufacture and wholesale can be machine washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees. This allows cotton masks to be reused multiple times so you won’t run out of masks as you need to go outside to take care of your crucial work.

Besides these, patterned cotton masks come with different design options all of which look beautiful. So why does it matter? Well, it is simple. Patterned cotton masks, replacing the cold, demoralizing look of masks with their cute looks, help us keep our morale high. And high morale plays an important role in these times of pandemic.

Specifications of the Masks We Manufacture

In this section, we will list the technical information about the cotton masks we manufacture and wholesale. Fabric masks we manufacture are:

  • OEKO-TEX certified,
  • Can be washed at 60 degrees,
  • Has cotton bands,
  • Comes with size options both suitable for adults and children,
  • Hygienic,
  • Anti-allergen,
  • Comes with plain colors or pattern options,
  • Comes in handy in many situations,
  • Helps you prevent touching your nose, mouth, and face,


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Motto Peshtemal, cotton mask manufacturer and wholesaler, wishes you a healthy and bright future!

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The year 2020 began with forest fires in Australia, continued with earthquakes, disasters, and now it brought us the COVID-19 threat. As everyone is under a huge threat, especially medical staff, those with chronic illnesses, and the elderly people, experts keep reminding us of the ways of avoiding the virus. Those pieces of advice include not going outside if not necessary, preserving the social distance between others, washing hands for 20 seconds, and wearing gloves & medical masks if we have to go out.

And as the entire world fights with the COVID-19 virus, we’d like to share an article about medical masks that’d help to protect everyone from the dangerous Coronavirus threat. In this article, we’ll write down the qualities and usage of medical masks we wholesale.

In the following list, we’ll be writing down quality aspects and the design of the medical masks we wholesale. For your questions about the medical masks and your medical mask wholesale needs, you can send us an e-mail!

  • Manufactured to fit people of all ages.
  • As you breathe in, the harmful particles in the air are left out of the medical mask and the medical mask lets the clean air in. The same process takes place as you breathe out.
  • This system helps to prevent the respiration of ill people spread the harmful particles.
  • Medical masks can be washed at 30° C. Manufactured from special 2 ply cotton fabrics.
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin. Proper for regular use.
  • The special nose cord can be adjusted.
  • Fully ergonomic. As the medical mask fits one’s face perfectly there won’t be any openings left.
  • The medical mask must be washed within special washing balls designed for washing machines.
  • Don’t dry it in drying machines.
  • For a longer-term of use follow the washing instructions.

And the following list has the specifications of the medical mask’s filter.

  • Consists of three layers. Its system offers full safety.
  • Filters can be changed.
  • Filters should be changed after 6 hours of extensive use or 8 hours of normal use.

Before we finish our “Medical Masks Wholesale“ article, we’d like to share some links that might be useful for you.

You can discover our entire collection of Turkish beach towels, bathrobes, baby blankets, and our home textile & hotel textile products on our “products” page easily!

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To stay safe and keep every one including people you care & love, we hope you’ll follow the instructions experts keep reminding us.

As Motto Peshtemal, we wish you a healthy, happy, and safe future!