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Are you a retailer? Widen your product range! Are you in service industry? Decorate your facility with our latest fashion & premium quality peshtemal, peshkir, and other kinds of home, hotel, and beach textile products! It is easy to enhance your business capacity with Motto Peshtemal, Turkish towel manufacturer and wholesaler!

If you wonder how you can imrpove your product variety, or how can you keep your customers comfortable, you are in the right blog!

This week, we’ll tell you about our Turkish towels, peshkirs, and other kind of textile products! We’ll also inform you about how you can get irresistible offers from us!

You’ll see how easy it is to keep your customers happy, and get them recommend you to their friends! Everything is easy once you contact the right peshtemal manufacturer & wholesaler!

Let’s begin!

Luxurious Peshtemal Designs

D-Mask Hammam Towel in various colors

Our designers work 24/7 to come up with new, unique and fashionable designs for you! Do you know what is even better? The wide color spectrum we offer for all our products! You can choose the right colors that attract customers! And you can choose the perfect color that’d match the decoration of your facility!

Do you have your own design? Do you want your logo printed on the peshtemals? Do you want custom labels? No problem at all! Contact us now and we can manufacture your own designs & we can customize our peshtemal designs per your request!

Our Turkish towels are not only fashionable but also high-quality. We weave our entire peshtemal collection 100% from hand-picked Turkish cotton. That makes our procucts:

  • soft,
  • light-weight,
  • durable,
  • highly absorbent,
  • and quick-drying!

Do you want us to manufacture peshtemals from other raw materials? No problem! We might manage that! Contact us now to see if we can manufacture the products as you request!

Turkish beach towel
Give away promotional Turkish towels for satisfied customers!

Replace Standart Hand Towels With Peshkir

Do you want to richen your product range? Then we suggest you think about getting peshkir! But what is a peshkir? It is the little brother of our beloved peshtemals! If you think that peshtemal is similar to bath, or beach towels, then you can consider peshkir is similiar to the smaller sized hand towels!

We wrote about the history of peshtemals in our earlier articles! As we told earlier, they are more then standart towels! Peshtemal is a centuries-old tradition! Master craftsmen worked to improve the texture of peshtemals and came up with new ideas! Peshkir is one of that ideas!

We weave our peshkir designs 100% from hand-picked Turkish cotton just like we do with our peshtemal designs.

Contact us now to learn more about latest fashion and comfortable peshkir designs!


Home, Hotel, and Beach Textile

We don’t only manufacture Turkish  towels and peshkirs! We also manufacture all kinds of home, hotel, and beach textile products per customer request! Do you need bathrobes? Or maybe blankets? Contact us now and ask for our other textile products!

Once you contact us with product specifications of your need, we’ll try to do our best to come up with quick and high-quality solutions!

As we said earlier, everything is easy once you contact the right textile manufacturer & wholesaler! And as Motto Peshtemal, we always try to do our best for you!

Irresistible Offers

Did you like what you just read? Are you interested in enhancing your business capacity? Do you want to make more sales this spring? Do you want your customers to recommend your facility to everyone?

First thing is first! Go to our products page and simply discover our entire collection!

Then contact us! Ask any questions you have about our peshtemal & peshkir designs, and other kinds of textile products! Ask for our price list!

Once you contact us, we’ll respond to you in a short amount of time with answers!

What are you waiting for?

Motto Peshtemal, Turkish towels manufacturer and wholesaler, wishes you a beneficial spring season!

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If you own a shop or an e-commerce site and you are selling home textile, hotel textile or beach fashion products you have to know the specific details about your products, so you can offer the product your customer needs, right? If you own a spa, hotel, gym, wellness center, beach club etc. you should know about the towels you use at your bathrooms to keep your customers happy, don’t you? No matter what business you are in, it would help you to know the differences between Turkish towels and the classical ones.

In this post, as a peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we’ll be informing you about the differences between Turkish towels and the classical ones. We’ll tell you about the benefits of using peshtemals as a decoration. And lastly, how Turkish towels differ from others in terms of keeping your customers comfy!

Before we begin our article, we want to share you the links to our previous articles on newest beach fashion and the newest decoration ideas of 2019!

Peshtemal as hotel decoration

You can find our articles on:

  1. latest fashion decoration ideas,
  2. keeping your customers happy with promotional Turkish towels,
  3. brilliant fashion ideas.

Let’s begin already, right?

Differences Between Peshtemal and Classical Towels

As a Turkish towel manufacturer and wholesaler, we use hand-picked Turkish cotton instead of Egyptian cotton to weave our entire peshtemal collection! That is the main reason of the difference between our peshtemal designs and other kinds of towels you can find in the market.

As Turkish towels are woven from Turkish cotton, they are:

  • thinner,
  • quicker drying,
  • good for preventing mildew,
  • super packable.

while other kinds of towels are:

  • plushier and softer,
  • more absorbent.

D-Mask Hammam Towel in various colors

Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton have their own pros and cons! We’ll tell you about the reasons in our later articles. However, the information above is enough for you to either suggest one for your customers or use one in your institution!


You can quickly find quick-drying, absorbent, durable, soft & super packable Turkish towels by simply visiting our “products” page!


Turkish Towels as Decoration

As a peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we work hard not only to offer you high quality and comfortable Turkish towels but also stylish ones! Our designers follow the fashion world 24/7 to come up with a suitable peshtemal design for each and every type of customer you might have!

We have simplistic Turkish towel designs like Funky Turkish Beach Towel for those who are minimalistic. We offer traditional hammam towel designs like Sultan Peshtemal for those who are interested in history. We manufacture oriental designs such as D-Mask Peshtemal for those who are looking for something different.

In short, we try to offer you a stylish design for each customer you might have!

Sultan Peshtemal in different colors

Why? Because as a responsible hammam towel manufacturer and wholesaler, we try to do the best for you! If you have any questions about our designs, quality specifications of our products or peshtemal wholesale needs, you can fastly contact us by visiting our “contacts” page! We’ll answer your mails as soon as we can!

Are Turkish Towels Comfortable?

Our answer to this question is simple, it depends on ones preferences! How you like your towels is a matter of choice! If your customers prefer quicker-drying and easier to carry towels, you should deffinetly suggest them, or decorate your bathrooms & rooms with Turkish towels! If your customers prefer fluffy and more absorbent, heavier towels, you should use or suggest them other kinds of towels!

In short, its a matter of choice! By visiting our blog, you can find more answers in this topic!

Funky Beach Towel

Before we finish our article, we want to remind you a couple of things once more! You can find our contact information on our contacts page for your Turkish towel wholesale needs or your questions! You can easily and fastly discover our entire Turkish towel collection by visiting our products page! And you can find many useful articles about home textile, hotel textile, and beach fashion products by browsing our blog!

Motto Peshtemal, Turkish towels manufacturer and wholesaler, wishes you a profitable & happy year!


Discover Peshtemals

It may seem to you that it is easy to pick towels. However, this is a deception you won’t realize until the towel becomes harsh, begins to frail, and its color fades over time. In this comprehensive guide, we will be informing our readers on “choosing the right towel”. After reading this article, you will be able to buy all-purpose, high-quality towels that you will be using for a long time, not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones as lovely gifts.

Eagle Beach Towel

Consider buying peshtemal instead of ordinary towels

Peshtemal, also known as Turkish towel, Turkish Beach Towel, Hammam Towel, and fouta towel, is a very important tradition that has been carried from the Ottoman Empire to the modern-day. Peshtemals, which are used more frequently today, can be no-pattern, patterned and in various colors. Peshtemals, which are mostly preferred to have colored vertical striped design, are woven from natural yarn such as linen, cotton and bamboo. Peshtemals, which are used by men under waist and by women starting from underarms, are in fact the oldest dresses of the human history.”

Turkish beach towels are light-weight, and thin by its very nature. Even though they are light-weight and thinpeshtemals are highly absorbentquick drying, and extremely durable. For more information on peshtemals, visit our “history of peshtemal” page!

harmony beach towel

Be sure to buy an all-purpose Turkish towel

We believe in order to make the most use out of a towel you should choose a multi-purpose Turkish towel. When buying towels you should consider the areas in your life that you will need and use towels and picking one that will be useful in the most areas is crucial. Turkish towels you buy should have a stylish texture so you can use it in your baths not only to dry yourself, but also as a decorative item. They also should be light-weight, and easy-to-pack so they won’t take much space in your backpacks so that you to take them to your travels. You should be able to use the towel picnic mattress etc. Most importantly you should be sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful material on their texture so you can confidently used them.

Being light-weight, thin, durable, soft, highly absorbent, and quick drying by nature, peshtemals are the winner of the contest between them and ordinary towels!

White Line Peshtemal

You should decide the perfect size for you

First and the most important thing while picking a peshtemal is if the product wraps your body and makes you feel comfortable while you are using it. You should be comfortable with the size of a peshtemal for the best use! A hammam towel of size that fits you is the all-purpose hammam towel for you. If its long enough, you can use it after a relaxing bath; you can take it to your travels and use it at beaches, pools, spas etc. In short you should carefully choose the size that you are comfortable with.

Should you go for a heavier towel or lighter towel?

If you insist on buying ordinary towels, you should generally go for the heavier ones because they tend to be more absorbent and softer than the lighter ones. They are also higher in quality. However, if you want to give hammam towels a try, you should keep in mind that peshtemal being lighter DOES’NT mean it is not high-quality nor absorbentPeshtemal is a very old tradition and an irreplaceable part of daily lives of Anatolian people! Peshtemal became thinner, lighter and more absorbent and quicker drying in time. It is also easy-to-pack due to its thin and light-weight texture which makes it perfect for your travels.

Greek Peshtemal

Weaving type matters

You might not know that there are more than only one weaving types, yet there are! Weaving type greatly affects the quality of a peshtemal’s quality. A towel can be woven in ringspun, combed or twisted-fiber. We suggest you always ask your seller about the weaving type that is used during the manufacturing proccess of the peshtemal you are thinking on buying or carefully read the description of the product if you are buying online!

Based upon our experience in this field, you should go with the ringspun cotton. The softest and most durable towels are made with ringspun cotton. It’s made by tightly twisting long and short threads together to create the strongest, smoothest yarn possible. The combed cotton is made by specially treating the cotton fibers before being spun into yarn. As a result, it becomes soft yet not as soft and durable as ringspun.

The other thing about weaving type is whether it is single looped or double. Even though double looped woven hammam towels feel more luxurious and dense, most of the hammam towels that are being manufactured are single looped. Double looped woven hammam towels might feel more luxurios and dense, yet single looped woven towels are quick-drying; therefore they are more practical and healthier!

Bamboo Peshtemal

Cotton type, Egyptian vs. Turkish

Softness is one of the most important aspects of a Turkish towel and it is the most crucial thing to consider! It should not irritate the sensitive skin, it shouldn’t leave marks and scratches. They should be soft and safe enough to use them even for baby care.

If you do a detailed research you will come to notice that there is not only one type of cotton. After reading many articles, and comparing Turkish cotton with Egyptian cotton, we can say that Turkish Cotton is the highest quality cottonin the entire World. Consisted of longer fibers than other cottons, Turkish Cotton is a special cotton! Any Turkish towel manufactured from Turkish cotton are thinner yet strongmore durablesofter, and more absorbent. It is the thinner fiber that allows the Turkish Towel to be more absorbent yet highly quick-dryingg. This is important as the longer the towel stays wet, higher the risk the occurrence of the development of bacteria and germs.

Funky Beach Towel

All in all, you are not only buying yourself a towel you are also making a decision about your health

Don’t forget! While buying any kind of hammam towelsbathrobes, or beach wear etc, you are not just buying them! You are also making a decision that might affect your health! Hammam Towels you are buying should not contain any harmful dye, or allergents on their textures. That leads us to the price issue. We are not saying you should spend a fortune to buy hammam towels. But you should not definitely go for the cheapest ones either. You should consider the fact that even if the towel is expensive for you it should be seen as an investment because a good expensive towel will last a decade or two. After all cheap can be expensive.

We hope that our guide is comprehensive and helpful enough for our readers. Be sure to follow our social media account from the following links: FacebookTwitterGoogle+, Instagram 

Visit our “products” page for more detailed information on our high quality Peshtemal, Turkish towel, Hammam towel, and Fouta towel designs! Also be sure to visit our “contacts” page for any questions about our products, or for your peshtemal wholesale needs!