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White Line Peshtemal, Eagle Beach Towel, and Hawaii Beach Towel

In this week’s hammam towel review, we picked three latest fashion, high quality Turkish Beach Towels we manufacture and wholesale for you to stay fashionable during Summer 2018. First of them is White Line Peshtemal, a traditional hammam towel. Second product is Eagle Beach Towel, one of our most durable products. The last product we will be reviewing this week is one of our liveliest designs, Hawaii Beach Towel. We hope you enjoy our post and wish you a fun and relaxing summer season!


White Line Peshtemal – Traditional Hammam Towel


One of our traditional designs, White Line Peshtemal has a striped design with fringes swinging on both ends. With the white and colorful stripes on its design, White Line Peshtemal carries the cultural aspects of a traditional hammam towel.

Manufactured with high quality cotton and dyed by the best dye-house in Denizli, White Line Peshtemal doesn’t contain any harmful material, as we respect the history of Turkish Towels; so, can be used with confidence, even for baby care! Weighing only 300 grams, and with a size of 100×180 centimeters, it is an easy-to-pack hammam towel and takes little space in your backpacks.

To decorate your home with a piece of history visit our product page: https://mottopestemal.com/product/white-line-peshtemal


Eagle Beach Towel – Turkish Towel

Inspired by eagles riding through the sky with grace, Eagle Beach Towel is one of our most elegant designs.  We offer a wide color spectrum for this product for you to choose the combination you desire. You will be the star of beaches, poolsides, hammams, spas, gyms with our graceful Turkish Beach Towel, Eagle Beach Towel.

Not only its design but its texture is also inspired by eagles. Eagle Beach Towel is as soft as an eagle’s feathers, and durable as its wings. It is highly absorbent, and quick drying. With a weight of 300 grams and a size of 100×180 centimeters, it is also easy-to-pack, and takes little space in backpacks.

For more information about Eagle Beach Towel visit: https://mottopestemal.com/product/eagle-beach-towel


Hawaii Beach Towel – Turkish Beach Towel

Blue for crystal clear Hawaii waters, golden yellow for tasty pineapples of Hawaii, purple & pink for fragrant flowers, Hawaii Beach towel represents the calm & relaxing lifestyle and beautiful surroundings of Hawaii with its vibrant design. You can take this Turkish Beach towel to pools, spas, hammams, beaches, gyms etc. Hawaii Beach Towel would also make a perfect decorative item for your bathrooms.

With a weight of 300 grams and a size of 100×180 centimeters, Hawaii Beach Towel is highly absorbent, quick drying, and durable. Dyed by the best dye-house in Denizli, and manufactured with high quality cotton, Hawaii Beach Towel doesn’t contain any harmful material and can be confidently used, even for baby-care!

For more information about one of our most vibrant products visit: https://mottopestemal.com/product/hawaii-beach-towel

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