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Peshtemal vs. Classical Towels

Turkish towels as a decoration

If you own a shop or an e-commerce site and you are selling home textile, hotel textile or beach fashion products you have to know the specific details about your products, so you can offer the product your customer needs, right? If you own a spa, hotel, gym, wellness center, beach club etc. you should know about the towels you use at your bathrooms to keep your customers happy, don’t you? No matter what business you are in, it would help you to know the differences between Turkish towels and the classical ones.

In this post, as a peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we’ll be informing you about the differences between Turkish towels and the classical ones. We’ll tell you about the benefits of using peshtemals as a decoration. And lastly, how Turkish towels differ from others in terms of keeping your customers comfy!

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Peshtemal as hotel decoration

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Let’s begin already, right?

Differences Between Peshtemal and Classical Towels

As a Turkish towel manufacturer and wholesaler, we use hand-picked Turkish cotton instead of Egyptian cotton to weave our entire peshtemal collection! That is the main reason of the difference between our peshtemal designs and other kinds of towels you can find in the market.

As Turkish towels are woven from Turkish cotton, they are:

  • thinner,
  • quicker drying,
  • good for preventing mildew,
  • super packable.

while other kinds of towels are:

  • plushier and softer,
  • more absorbent.

D-Mask Hammam Towel in various colors

Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton have their own pros and cons! We’ll tell you about the reasons in our later articles. However, the information above is enough for you to either suggest one for your customers or use one in your institution!

You can quickly find quick-drying, absorbent, durable, soft & super packable Turkish towels by simply visiting our “products” page!

Turkish Towels as Decoration

As a peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we work hard not only to offer you high quality and comfortable Turkish towels but also stylish ones! Our designers follow the fashion world 24/7 to come up with a suitable peshtemal design for each and every type of customer you might have!

We have simplistic Turkish towel designs like Funky Turkish Beach Towel for those who are minimalistic. We offer traditional hammam towel designs like Sultan Peshtemal for those who are interested in history. We manufacture oriental designs such as D-Mask Peshtemal for those who are looking for something different.

In short, we try to offer you a stylish design for each customer you might have!

Sultan Peshtemal in different colors

Why? Because as a responsible hammam towel manufacturer and wholesaler, we try to do the best for you! If you have any questions about our designs, quality specifications of our products or peshtemal wholesale needs, you can fastly contact us by visiting our “contacts” page! We’ll answer your mails as soon as we can!

Are Turkish Towels Comfortable?

Our answer to this question is simple, it depends on ones preferences! How you like your towels is a matter of choice! If your customers prefer quicker-drying and easier to carry towels, you should deffinetly suggest them, or decorate your bathrooms & rooms with Turkish towels! If your customers prefer fluffy and more absorbent, heavier towels, you should use or suggest them other kinds of towels!

In short, its a matter of choice! By visiting our blog, you can find more answers in this topic!

Funky Beach Towel

Before we finish our article, we want to remind you a couple of things once more! You can find our contact information on our contacts page for your Turkish towel wholesale needs or your questions! You can easily and fastly discover our entire Turkish towel collection by visiting our products page! And you can find many useful articles about home textile, hotel textile, and beach fashion products by browsing our blog!

Motto Peshtemal, Turkish towels manufacturer and wholesaler, wishes you a profitable & happy year!


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