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Brilliant Fashion Ideas For Autumn 2018: Turkish Towels

ponpon peshtemal

Ocean Turkish Towel, Ponpon Peshtemal, Rainbow Peshtemal

harmony beach towel

Harmony Turkish Beach Towel’s design is inspired by the beautiful color variety of all 4 seasons! Match your style with autumn with it!

We have brought together 3 of our favorite must-have Turkish Towels for the Autumn season; Ocean Turkish Towel, Ponpon Peshtemal, Rainbow Peshtemal. Have you ever thought that you could actually wear a Turkish Towel in your daily life? We can tell you. It would be a perfect and an iconic choice of fashion! All eyes will be on your uncommon but extraordinarily fashionable scarves. It is time to think out of the box and bring style and lively shades & tints to the way you dress. We are proud of the extremely soft Turkish Towels we manufacture and wholesale. Once you try, it will become a part of your wardrobes.

Why not cover your couches and your dining tables with an elegantly designed Turkish towels to create an effortlessly chic style? Time to spoil yourselves and creating a chic living environment is an easy step you can take. To look at something beautiful is not a sin. Autumn is all about having a zest for living. And we believe you will find zest in Ocean, Ponpon and Rainbow Turkish Towels.

If you check our products page for more charming products of ours, we will be delighted to serve you with the quality you deserve.

Ocean Turkish Towel

ocean peshtemal

For more detailed information about Ocean Peshtemal visit:

Ornamented with the waves of ocean, our designers interpreted the latest fashion and created an exquisite Turkish Towel that is serving looks for any occasion. With its modern appearance and navy, beige and red based color selection creates a great effortless chic ambiance and it is the piece you are looking for to complete the look of your modern apartments and living rooms. Bright color selection is a perfect candidate for enlightening your surrounding and if you are going for a more cheerful look.

Being one of our thickest Turkish towels, Ocean Peshtemal weighs 430 grams. We can say that Ocean Turkish towel was almost woven for the Autumn season. Something to keep you warm from cold breeze, a multi-functioning stylish and smooth garment… What else can you ask for? When an unexpected Autumn shower catches you, we promise that you will be glad to be carrying our Ocean Turkish Towel by your side as we weave our towels specifically to make them absorbent and quick to dry as much as possible at the same time. Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

Ponpon Peshtemal

ponpon peshtemal

To learn more about our vivid Turkish towel design Ponpon Peshtemal visit:

Without exaggeration and with full confidence I can say Ponpon Peshtemal is the star of our exclusive collection of Turkish Towels. Ever since we have laid eyes on Ponpon Turkish Towel, we were dying to make it a guest in our weekly posts. We believe it is a Turkish towel that talks for itself. Being the most colorful and one of a kind towel in our line, it definitely sticks out.

With its excellent color matching and each color selection consist of unique patterns, Ponpon Peshtemal is irreplaceable, bold, adventurous, daring, chic, fancy and rich. We know that like a signature scent Ponpon Turkish Towel will become your signature piece once you wrap it around your shoulders. Having only 260 grams of weight, you will have no problem of carrying around and covers so little place even in your handbags. Today’s world is all about being practical and our all-purpose Turkish Towels are great elements supporting that concept. Embrace the world with our comfy, stylish, soft and vivid Ponpon Turkish Towel.

Rainbow Peshtemal

rainbow peshtemal

Learn everything about Rainbow Peshtemal on our product page:

I can imagine this Rainbow Turkish Towel as a modern substitute for rug, tablecloth, couch cover even as a mattress in a romantic picnic while enjoying the rainbow after an Autumn shower, in the spas while relaxing, indoor pools, in the gym when you are getting ready for the summer with a fit and healthy body. By ornamented sometimes with thin and sometimes thickening, intertwining white and colorful lines, inspired by nature, this Turkish towel will be your friend who is always there for you.


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