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   Have you ever thought about how ordinary yet useful towels are? It’s such a commonplace that it’s easy to forget how significant an impact it has on our lives. It’s absorbent, soft, and in existence a type for almost every room in the house. You can use towels on the beach, the office, and even when you go on a hiking trip miles away from home. It’s so helpful that we thought you should know about some towel fun facts.

   We’re betting you’d never anticipate how blazing its industry is. A study on the global income on Bath Towels expects that the industry will be worth $15,900 million by 2025. Oui, that’s how much the industry for that puffy piece of cotton is worth in the future.

   That’s only one interesting truth about towels. If you want to know more about Turkish Towels for Beach, fun facts, keep reading.

There are more than 20 types of towels.

You already know of the typical bath towel, beach towel, and hair towel.  We’ll skip talking about them and give you more exciting types of towels you might not have heard of yet.

In Japan, people use towels to clean their hands before eating. They call this the “oshibori” or a wet towel. You’ll often see these in an Izakaya.                                                         

Well, do you know about the golf towel? You can tell from its name that you use it to dry hands, balls, and clubs. Generally, this towel is attached to a golf bag.                                                  

 By the way, today, towels that the legacy of our ancestors are produced by Motto Peshtemal for you. It’s impossible that you haven’t heard of the quality of Turkish Towels.  Motto Peshtemal produces the Best Turkish Towels in the world.  There is a high demand for Turkish Beach Towels due to the arrival of the summer.

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Towels Originated in 17th Century Turkey.

When were towels invented? The history of towels spans back to the 17th century. It’s possible to say the ancient Turks did. Those days, people referred to a towel as a “peshtemal.” If you compared the peshtemal to the modern towel, you’d see they’re both absorbent. However, the peshtemal remained light even when it was wet. By the 18th century, People referred to these looped towels as “havly.” This later became the Turkish word for towel “havlu,” which means ‘with loops.’

May 25th is National Towel Day.

 Lastly, here’s one of the most interesting towel fun facts: there is an actual holiday of towels. It’s National Towel Day, celebrated every May 25th of every year.

Towel Day is praise for Adams, which fans celebrate two weeks after his death on May 11. Douglas Adams is known for his work “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “

Isn’t it surprising how about towel fun facts can swiftly change one’s perspective about something so ordinary and expected in your home? You might never look at a towel in the same vein again! 

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