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The European Journey of Turkish Towels

Turkish bath towel

 Although it is not known exactly where and how the art of weaving started, it followed a process developed with the history of humanity. Anatolia has been the most important center of the art of weaving throughout history. Turkish Towel has many places in the Turkish art of weaving and embroidery. Motto Peshtemal is a postmodernist Wholesale Towel Manufacturer with super quality towels. It follows the lead of its ancestors. Especially, Turkish Bath Towels made by us are 100% cotton wovens which have high absorbance. Also, Motto Peshtemal trades Turkish Bath Towels Wholesale. You will surely be captive when you come across our colorful towels in vogue. Today, I’ll talk about the European journey of the Turkish Towel with you.

The European Journey of the Ottoman-woven Towel 

In England, an agricultural country, industrialization and development studies in textiles started in the middle of the 18th century. The improvement of the weaving industry led to the idea of restructuring Hillgate Mill, the part of the weaving of factory Christy and Sons. For this reason, the second son of the family, Henry, completed his work on hat production in America, and he immediately realized the danger of the destruction of local handicrafts during his trip to the Middle East. When he came to Istanbul at the end of his journey, he had a chance to visit the weaving workshop for the Ottoman Palace. He added the towel samples he saw here for the first time to his collection. When he returned to his country, he realized the uniqueness of the Turkish Towels structure and produced a similar one. 


Turkish Towel at Buckingham Palace

While all this was happening, Turkish Towels bought from Istanbul were presented to Queen Victoria in Buckingham Palace. Ottoman towels have become “Royal Turkish Towels.” Anatolia is a geography where lots of different cultures come together in a historical process. At this point, Motto Peshtemal is a Wholesale Towel Manufacturer that adapts the achievement of these different cultures to the present day. Besides, there are many types of towels, such as bath towels, beach towels, or bathrobes. By the way, I would like to tell you about the elegance of Turkish Bath Towels. Our bath towels are made of high-quality thread and never spread foul odor as they dry swiftly. Turkish Bath Towels are highly functional. This makes them suitable for use in the pool, on the beach, or in the sauna. Motto Peshtemal has been producing Turkish Bath Towels Wholesale for you; the quality has been mentioned frequently since the 18th century. Towel-down with pleasure is just a click away! 

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