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Turkish Towels Wholesale

wholesale peshtemal

In our new article, we are going to talk about global imports and Turkey wholesale portion in terms of towel wholesale and fouta whosale. As far as World is more connected than ever, each unique and local products have opportunity to shine across globe. Peshtemal in other Word turkish hammam towels are very popular. Every tourists that came to Turkey experience Turkish hammam at least once. Texture and the practicality of the peshtemal easily draw attention for everybody.


In this circumstances, we have great demand and opportunity to wholesale turkish towels. Recent years, peshtemal towels wholesale grows up significantly. USA, Europe and Asia demand our unique quality Turkish towel wholesale for a reason. Turkish towel is one of the most sold textile products by the biggest e-commerce sites of the world, e.g. Amazon. It has large fields of usage such as beach towels wholesale, fitness towels wholesale, promotional towels wholesale, market chains textile wholesale and hammam towels wholesale.

turkish hammam towel wholesale


Turkish towels wholesale has the greatest share across the World. Denizli is one of the biggest producer and Turkish peshtemal wholesaler in the country. It has been produced with handmade for centuries and with semi automatic and full automatic machines called jacquard and dobby lately in the Kızılcaboluk, a part of the Denizli. It’s components are cotton, organic cotton, recycled yarn, bamboo and Oeko-Tex production certification which give the uniqueness for our products. We are proud to be one of the wholesale Turkish hammam towels in Turkey.

Wholesale peshtemal and Turkish cotton towels will continue to raise in 2021.

You can contact with us for Turkish towels wholesale on our “contact us” page. Feel free to send us a mail for your any questions about our products and peshtemal wholesale process.



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