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Our Top-Selling Hammam Towels

Cloud Peshtemal, Diamond Peshtemal, and Florya Peshtemal

Peshtemals, Turkish towels, hammam towels, Fouta towels and beachwear we manufacture and wholesale are woven 100% from premium quality Turkish cotton. They are light-weight, highly absorbent, quick-drying, soft, durable, easy-to-wash, and easy to pack!

Dyed by the best dye-house in Denizli/TURKEY, peshtemals we manufacture and wholesale don’t contain any harmful materials on their texture. Thus, can be confidently used for years without getting harsh or losing its vibrant colors!

Not only high quality, our products are also latest fashion! They have unique, elegant and vivacious designs! This perfect combination is what made our hammam towel designs the top-selling products in the entire peshtemal market!

As Motto Peshtemal, we are the manufacturer and wholesaler of the highest quality and latest fashion Turkish beach towels!

High Quality Peshtemal

Discover our premium quality and eye-catching hammam towel designs at our products page!

In this week’s article, we have reviewed three of our top-selling peshtemal designs: Cloud Peshtemal, Diamond Peshtemal and Florya Peshtemal for our readers! We will be informing you about their extreme quality, and spectacular designs!


Cloud Peshtemal – Turkish Towel

cloud peshtemal

Light as a feather, Cloud Peshtemal is a bright Turkish towel design!

One of our most desired Turkish towel designs, Cloud Peshtemal is woven 100% from high quality, ring spun Turkish cotton yarns. Its soft texture will leave a feeling like you have been wrapped by white, cotton-like clouds. Cloud Peshtemal is also highly absorbent, quick drying and light-weight, which makes it perfect for you to use during a relaxing day at beaches, pools, spas etc.

Cloud Peshtemal has colorful blocks all along and white fringes at the ends. It is not only a high-quality Turkish towel, but also an elegant decorative item for bathrooms and kitchens! Cloud would mesmerize your guests with its heart-warming design!

To learn more about one of our most eyeful Turkish towel designs visit Cloud Peshtemal product page!


Diamond Peshtemal – Hammam Towel

diamond peshtemal

Durable and strong as a Diamond, Diamond Peshtemal is one of our perfect hammam towel designs!

What makes Diamond Peshtemal one of our top-selling hammam towel designs is that it lives up to its name! Woven 100% from high quality, ring spun Turkish cotton yarns, Diamond Peshtemal is not only bright as a diamond, but also its as strong and durable as a diamond! 430 grams, Diamond Peshtemal is a light-weight hammam towel. It is also extremely absorbent, quick-drying, and soft! Its light-weight combined with its premium quality texture makes it perfect for your vacations!

Diamond Peshtemal has colorful diamond shapes along its texture, and white fringes at the both ends. It comes in a variety of color options so you can create the perfect combination with your beachwear or use Diamond Peshtemal as a decorative item in your bathroom, or kitchen!

For more detailed information on one of our high quality hammam towel designs visit Diamond Peshtemal product page!


Florya Peshtemal – Fouta Towel

florya peshtemal

With a weight of 260 grams, Florya Peshtemal is as light as a feather!

Woven 100% from premium quality, ring spun Turkish cotton yarns, Florya Peshtemal is one of our high-quality Fouta towel designs. Its absorbent, quick drying, and soft texture combined with a weight of only 260 grams make it a comfortable Fouta towel to use at beaches, hotels, pools, spas, gyms, yachts etc.

Florya Peshtemal has a harmonious combination of bright, and lively colors on its texture and smooth fringes at the ends. Its vivacious design combined with its premium quality texture made Florya Peshtemal one of our top-selling Fouta towel designs. It would bring joy to your well-earned vacations and would also breathe life into your bathroom or kitchen with its heart-warming design!

To learn more about one of our heart-warming Fouta Towel designs visit Florya Peshtemal product page!


Before we finish our article, we suggest you visit our “products” page to learn more about high quality peshtemals, Turkish towels, hammam towels, fouta towels and beachwear we manufacture and wholesale! Also be sure to visit our “History of peshtemal” for comprehensive information about the historical and cultural values of hammam towels! Don’t hesitate to contact us via our “contacts” page for any questions or for your Turkish towel wholesale needs!

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