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In any event, we’ve got a bag packed with necessary things for those days ready to have an adventure. We know that there are the standards like sunscreen, water, chairs, etc., but also there are particular details that have become unsuspecting necessaries for us. Curious what two water-obsessed, sun-loving, beach bums, and fishermen have in their “go” bag?  Here are the top 4 things they always grab for a day on the water!


1) Plastic Baggies or Waterproof Bag

If you’ll want your phone out to get in touch with friends heading out to the beach or to phone people back onshore if you’re on the boat, if you’ll want pictures to capture but you don’t have a waterproof phone case, just throw your phone in a plastic baggie or one of those waterproof bags to keep it dry and away from sand and salt.  Many also, put their car keys in it. If you love to go taking pictures that lots of people adore them if you adore being a picture-worm when you’re on the beach, also grab yourself a little mesh bag for your treasures so the sand will just fall right off of them.


2) Water Bottle 

Besides our drinking water, we always take a larger jug of fresh water for cleaning hands, or cleaning sunglasses and fill a reusable bottle full of water and freeze it so that it’ll help keep our cooler cold to serve as some nice cold drinking water later on in the day.

Moreover, Because cold water causes trembling, it increases metabolic rate and activates the immune system. It ameliorates the bloodstream. Bloodstream improves with a cold shower. The benefits of cold water are countless. Don’t forget to take it with you.


3) Polarized Sunglasses

Any eyewear is better than none that you took when you’re in the water, but you can do even better by taking a pair that are polarized. They’re more protective than regular lenses, let you see much better in the water than regular ones. 

It makes sense to mention the benefits of polarized glass so that you realize its importance. It provides quality vision in outdoor sports and outdoor activities as it prevents glare on snowy surfaces and water surfaces. It prevents glare on the windshield and other parts of your vehicle. While reducing reflections, it also reduces the amount of light entering the eye, making the vision clearer and sharper. What more should polarized glass do for you? it is not a magic powder!


4) Beach Towel

Yacht Turkish Beach TowelIf we don’t talk about beach towels, which are a must-have for our watery activities, it would be unfair. There may not be a chair to sit in everywhere we go. So what are we gonna do? Are we going to stop enjoying ourselves? This is out of the question. Add your beach towels that do not take up much space in your bag and your day will be beautiful.

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