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Reason Behind Our Turkish Towels’ Comfort & Elegance

Motto Peshtemal Turkish towel manufacturer and exporter

As a wholesale manufacturer of Turkish towels, we’ve been writing our decoration ideas that might be helpful for you. During the last couple of weeks, we’ve received many questions about “how do we manufacture our Turkish towels?”, “how do we come up with new peshtemal design ideas?”, and “what makes a Turkish towel a high-quality one?”.

We dedicated this week’s blog post to answer these frequently asked questions for you. We hope that our article is helpful for you to choose the perfect Turkish towel for your hotel, spa, beach club etc. and keeping your customers happy!


Manufacturing Process Of Peshtemal

First thing is first. The most frequent question we receive is about the manufacturing process of Turkish towels. “How do you manufacture them?” and “What makes a Turkish towel so luxurious?”.

To better understand these, you should know what exactly is a peshtemal. Peshtemal is not only a towel, but it is also a centuries-old tradition.

Motto Peshtemal - Peshtemal manufacturer and exporter

Used and developed for centuries, peshtemal is a deep-rooted Anatolian tradition. Used by all classes of Anatolian people, peshtemals are an irreplaceable part of our lives. Being such a cultural and historical item, texture and the designs of peshtemal were improved by master craftsmen for centuries.

Now, we won’t just speak out all the unique weaving techniques we use to manufacture Turkish towels here. It’d be bad for our business, right? ?

Once you understand that Turkish towels are an important part of Turkish culture and history, you can understand why Turkish towels are luxurious.

As a wholesale manufacturer of peshtemal, we weave our entire collection 100% from carefully picked Turkish cotton. And we apply the designs on our peshtemal using anti-allergen and nature-friendly dyes. These are the reason behind the comfortable texture and the vibrant design of the peshtemal we manufacture and wholesale!

The combination of unique advanced weaving techniques, premium quality Turkish cotton, healthy dyes, and affection we have for our line of business, we succeed to manufacture high-quality products!

We work 24/7 at full capacity to offer you premium quality Turkish towels along with our fast & reliable services! This is how we manufacture peshtemal! With affection to our line of business, respect to our customers, and full attention…

diamond bomb peshtemal

If you have more questions about the absorbent, quick-drying, soft, durable, and feather-weight texture of the peshtemal we manufacture and export, you can simply send us an e-mail! We’ll respond to your emails as soon as we can!


How do we come up with new peshtemal designs?

As a responsible wholesale manufacturer & exporter of Turkish towels, our R&D department works hard, so you don’t have to! Our designers follow the fashion world closely to keep updated with the newest trends. Our engineers follow the technology to keep updated with the newest and the most reliable machines. Our workers work hard every day in our factory to manufacture flawless, high-quality, and comfortable Turkish towels!

In short, we do all the time-consuming, mandatory research for you! We don’t only offer premium quality and fashionable products, but we also offer you our fast & reliable services! Once you choose us as your peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we do all the hard work for you!

You can save time, and get around to offer your customers the perfect products or services! It is easy to keep your customers happy and getting them to recommend you to their friends with a reliable peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler!

Turkish towels in bathroom by Motto Peshtemal


What Makes a Turkish Towel a High-Quality One?

This is an important question with a long answer! The first thing we must tell is that the quality of a Turkish towel is a matter of preference!

To decide whether you should offer or decorate your facility with it or not, you should first understand what your customer expects from you!

Do they want a fluffier towel? Or maybe a featherweight one? Do they want a quick-drying towel? As we said, it is a matter of preference!

Antique Greek Hammam Towel In Various Colors

As a Turkish towel manufacturer and wholesaler, 100% of our business capacity is export business. Once you choose us as your peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we can help you figure out the specifications of the Turkish towel you might need! It is easy to decide whether it is the right towel for you or not!

Simply browse to our “contacts” page and send us an email! We’ll help you with the texture you need! We can help you figure out “how much the towel should weight?” or “in what size you should offer Turkish towels to your customers?”. We’ll respond to your emails as soon as we can!


Before we finish our article, we’ll be pointing out a couple of important information in the list below! We hope that our articles are helpful to you!


Motto Peshtemal, the Turkish towel manufacturer and wholesaler, wishes you a profitable Spring 2019!


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