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Promotion Peshtemal

Peshtemal As a GiftSultan Fouta

The elegant and high quality Turkish Towel, also known as Peshtemal,  we manufacture are a highly preferable gift and it is used as a promotion by famous cosmetic firms, hotels & spas, golf clubs etc. We have a set of costumers preferring us and our products world-wide. This is simply based upon the high quality and elegance of the peshtemals we manufacture. The material itself is user friendly, soft and light as a feather. When given as a promotion along with the products or services you are selling, you will get a good feedback from your customers.Being designed with an artistic look, and woven with care, our colorful products will make an unusual gift. They create a sincerity between the company and the customer. Attracting attention, our Peshtemal customers profit from giving our traditional yet so modern peshtemals as a gift along with the service they provide for their customers as it is a nice gesture binding their customer to the brand. We have a lot of clients succeeded in the market, raised their sells and customer satisfaction using our products as a promotion. People like well-thought gestures. By choosing our peshtemals you can show your difference. It’s a classy choice for doing classy business.


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