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Colorful Peshtemal Design

Yacht Turkish Beach Towel, Greek Peshtemal, and Marrakech Beach Towel

As a continuation of our hammam towel reviews, in this week’s blog post, we will be reviewing three of our most durable, absorbent, and quick drying peshtemals: Yacht Turkish Beach Towel, Greek Peshtemal, and Marrakech Beach Towel. For more information about the high quality and fashionable peshtemals we manufacture and wholesale we suggest you visit our “products” page. Before we begin, we wish everyone a fun and relaxing Summer 2018!


Yacht Beach Towel – Turkish Beach Towel

Yacht Turkish Beach Towel

Yacht Beach Towel, with a weight of only 260 grams, is one the lightest Turkish Beach Towels we manufacture and wholesale. It has a size of 100×180 centimeters. Despite its light-weight texture, Yacht Beach Towel is highly absorbent and durable. Woven 100% from high quality cotton and dyed by the best dye-house in Denizli, Yacht Turkish Beach Towel doesn’t contain any harmful materials, thus can be used confidently, even for babycare!

Yacht Turkish Beach Towel has thick, white, and colorful stripes on its design. There are different colored stripes right before the fringes swinging on both ends of it. With such a vibrant design, Yacht Turkish Beach Towel is one of our eye-catching designs. You can easily make a stylish combination with it. This brilliant peshtemal would also make a perfect decorative item in your homes, or yacht!

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Greek Peshtemal – Traditional Hammam Towel

Greek Peshtemal

Inspired by the breath taking natural environment and of Aegean Islands, Greek Peshtemal has a colorful design. With fringes swinging on both ends, it carries the historical and cultural aspects of traditional hammam towels. With such a brilliant design, Greek Peshtemal will shine like a star at beaches, pools, spas, hotels, hammams; and also, it would be a perfect decorative item for a stylish bathroom.

Greek Peshtemal weighs 40 grams heavier than Yacht Beach Towel and is only 300 grams! With a size of 100×180 centimeters, it is an easy-to-pack traditional hammam towel; thus, takes very little space in backpacks. With its soft texture, it can be confidently used for any purpose!

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Marrakech Peshtemal – Beach Towel

Marrakech Beach Towel

Marrakech Peshtemal has a design based on the relaxing and calm nature of the city Marrakech. With the wide color spectrum we offer for one of our most elegant beach towel designs, you can choose the peshtemal design of your dreams and make a stylish combination with your beach dresses, or use Marrkaech Peshtemal as a decorative item in your bathroom!


Also woven 100% from cotton, Marrakech Peshtemal has the same size and weight as Greek Peshtemal. Not only fashionable, but durable, quick drying, absorbent, and soft Marrkakech Peshtemal is one of our high-quality beach towel designs.

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