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Hüma bamboo with lace

Peshtemal Beach Wear & Bathrobes


Coming to exist as a clothing in the Ancient Egypt, peshtemal has an important historical and cultural value. Connected to Turkish culture with Turkish Hammams, peshtemal, also called as Turkish towel, were used in many different areas of people’s lives. People used it to dry themselves in Turkish Hammams, women used peshtemals as aprons in kitchen, workers used them in fields, royal family and rich people in Ottoman Empire used garnished and elegant peshtemals. Turkish towels were also a symbol of completion of apprenticeship and becoming a craftsman.

We don’t only manufacture and wholesale Turkish towels, but we also try to expand its area of use. With the hard work and cooperation of our research and development team and our dedicated designers, we have created an elegant selection of beach wear and bathrobes.


Hüma Bamboo Poncho

Hüma bamboo poncho

  • Woven 70% from bamboo and 30% from cotton, Hüma Bamboo Poncho is highly absorbent and quick drying.
  • Both lightweight and soft, it is perfect to be used at beaches, pools, spas, hammams, and yachts.
  • It has an elegant design. Hüma Bamboo Poncho is an eye-catching beachwear.
  • Manufactured with high quality raw material; and dyed by the best dye house in Denizli, Hüma Bamboo Poncho doesn’t contain any harmful material.

Cloud Bathrobe

cloud bathrobe

  • Woven 100% from cotton, Cloud Bathrobe is soft as a cloud in the blue sky.
  • Comfortable, highly absorbent and quick drying, Cloud Bathrobe is perfect for you to use after a soothing bath.
  • As clouds embellish the beautiful sky, Cloud Bathrobe will be an elegant piece in your bathrooms.
  • Lightweight and thin, Cloud Bathrobe is easy to pack. Taking a little space in your suitcase, you can easily take it to your trips.
  • Manufactured with high quality raw material; and dyed by the best dye house in Denizli, Cloud Bathrobe does not contain any harmful material, and can be used confidently.


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