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Cloud Bathrobe - Peshtemal Bathrobe

Discover Comfort With Our Peshtemal Bathrobes

Motto Peshtemal is the leading peshtemal manufacturer and peshtemal wholesaler founded in Denizli/TURKEY. As a responsible manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality peshtemals, our customers comfort is our priority. With such a mission, we carried peshtemals a step further and designed premium quality Peshtemal Bathrobes for your comfort!

We will be reviewing three of our highest quality and stylish Peshtemal Bathrobes, Ocean Bathrobe, Sultan Bathrobe, and Kids Bathrobe. Before we begin our article, we want to inform you about the advantages of using a Peshtemal Bathrobe!

Why Should You Use a Peshtemal Bathrobe?

Peshtemal Bathrobes are lighter than ordinary ones, thus you won’t reel under the weight of your bathrobe after a relaxing bath. Although Peshtemal Bathrobes are lighter than ordinary ones, that doesn’t mean they are not absorbent. Peshtemal Bathrobes we manufacture and wholesale are even more absorbent than the ordinary ones!

Peshtemal Bathrobes are quick drying by nature which makes them perfect if you take showers frequently. Easy-to-wash and quick drying, Peshtemal Bathrobes can be used shortly after you wash them!

Premium quality Turkish cotton we use during the manufacturing process and the weaving type of our Peshtemal Bathrobes make them softer and more durable than ordinary ones! Their incredibly soft texture provide a comfortable use.

As Motto Peshtemal, we design our Peshtemal Bathrobes to be stylish. Combination of a thin and light-weight texture and eye-catching design enable our customers to use them not only after taking a bath, but also to use at beaches and pools as a stylish beach-wear. They can be also used at spas, gyms, hotels, yachts etc.

Before we begin our article, we suggest you visit our Peshtemal Bathrobe products page to discover all our premium quality and latest fashion products!

Ocean Bathrobe – Peshtemal Bathrobe

Ocean Bathrobe

Ocean Bathrobe is one of our most comfortable and elegant Peshtemal Bathrobe designs!

Woven 100% from premium quality ring spun Turkish cotton yarns, Ocean Bathrobe is a high-quality Peshtemal Bathrobe. It is a perfect peshtemal bathrobe which covers all the features we mentioned below!

Inspired by the various beauties of endless oceans, Ocean Bathrobe has wave patterns on it. With the thick, white block on its sleeves and thin fringes swinging on its ends, Ocean Bathrobe has all the traditional aspects of peshtemals!

We offer a wide color spectrum for Ocean Bathrobe for you to choose the Peshtemal Bathrobe of your dreams!

To learn more about one of our most elegant Peshtemal Bathrobe designs visit Ocean Bathrobe product page!

Sultan Bathrobe – Peshtemal Bathrobe

Sultan Bathrobe - Peshtemal Bathrobe

Worthy of emperors, Sultan Bathrobe is one of our top-selling peshtemal bathrobe designs!

With its high-quality texture and elegant design, Sultan Bathrobe lives up to its name. Worthy of mighty sultans, it is one of our top-selling Peshtemal Bathrobe designs! Inspired from our most desired traditional hammam towel designs, Sultan Peshtemal, Sultan Bathrobe has thin, white stripes on its colorful texture.

As we attach importance to our customers’ style, we offer a wide color spectrum for Sultan Peshtemal for you to choose the colors you desire for one of our sharpest designs. Sultan Bathrobe will make you feel like the emperor of your home after a relaxing shower!

To learn more about one of the top-selling Peshtemal Bathrobe designs in the entire market, visit Sultan Bathrobe Product page!

Kids Bathrobe – Peshtemal Bathrobe

Kids Bathrobe -Peshtemal Bathrobe

Designed for our younger friends, Kids Bathrobe is a cool, and comfortable peshtemal bathrobe!

As a responsible Turkish towel manufacturer, we haven’t forgotten about our little friends. Manufactured for kids, Kids Bathrobe is woven 100% from premium quality Turkish cotton yarns and dyed by the best dye-house in Denizli/TURKEY. It doesn’t contain any allergic or harmful materials on its texture, thus can be confidently used!

Designed for the joy of our younger friends, Kids Bathrobe has a lively design with its vibrant colors. It has thin, white stripes and fringes to boost the fun. You can choose the perfect gift for your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews within the wide color spectrum we offer for Kids Bathrobe.

To learn more about our carefully manufactured gift to the youngsters, visit Kids Bathrobe product page!


We want to remind a couple things before we finish our Peshtemal Bathrobe review! Be sure to check our “products” page to discover the premium quality peshtemals, hammam towels, Turkish towels, fouta towels, bathrobes and beach-wear we manufacture and wholesale. Also be sure to check our “History of Peshtemal” page to learn more about the historical and cultural aspects of peshtemals. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our “contacts” page for any questions or your peshtemal wholesale needs!


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