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Make Your Customers Come Back With Turkish Towels

Cutted Diamond Peshtemal
Are you a hotel manager? Or are you running a boutique hotel? Make your customers come back every year with comfortable and elegant Turkish Towels!
Service, presentation and comfort are the keys to a hotel’s success! We offer you all those in one single item: Turkish towels.
Yacht Turkish Beach Towel

We manufacture appealing Turkish towels

We follow the fashion world to create unmatched Turkish towel designs for you! We design for every type of customers you might have!
We have simplistic designs like Funky Peshtemal. We have colorful ones like Color Bomb Peshtemal and Bora-Bora Peshtemal. We have elegant and traditional designs like Eagle Peshtemal and Greek Peshtemal. In short, we design for everyone!
You can decorate your hotel bathrooms with our elegant Turkish towel designs. Or enliven them with more vibrant Turkish towels. Discover our entire collection of Turkish towels and choose the one that fits your customers!

Our Turkish towels have unmatched quality

We manufacture our Turkish towels with 100% premium quality ring spun Turkish cotton! Turkish cotton is great for:
  • Manufacturing quick-drying Turkish towels,
  • Preventing meldew,
  • Pushing water off your skin instead of taking it into the towel and loosening the yarns (this make your towels SUPER DURABLE).
  • Super packable Turkish towels,
With our Turkish towels, your rooms and bathrooms will become the MOST comfortable one your customers will EVER see!
Funky Beach Towel

New Turkish towels every 6 months

We add new comfortable Turkish towel designs to our collection every 6 months! So that you will surprise your customers with newer and even more comfortable Turkish towels every time!
You won’t hesitate visitng our website every once in a while to find even more attractive products!

Painless shipment

We work with 3 of the BEST delivery companies: DHL, TNT, and FedEX!
Once you place your order, we will handle all the procedures for you. So you can focus on getting more and more happy customers!
We ship our Turkish towels all around the world with fast and reliable air cargo! Your deliveries will be completed within 5-10 work days no matter where you are in the World!
Greek Peshtemal

We offer affordable prices for you to join our happy family of customers

It is so simple! Go to our products page and follow these 3 steps:
  • Discover our collection,
  • Choose the Turkish towels you love,
  • Contact us for an irresistable offer!
We are eager for you to join our happy family of customers!
Before we finish our article, we want to remind you a couple of things. Be sure to visit our products page to discover our Turkish towels collection! Don’t hesitate to visit our contacts page for any questions or your Turkish towels wholesale needs! Lastly, keep following our blog for more information on our premium quality products and services!


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