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Color Bomb Peshtemal

Latest Fashion Turkish Beach Towels

With to arrival of the beautiful spring season, and a bright summer is near; we know that everybody will take their vacations well deserved to relax. As you are making reservations for holidays, we put our latest fashion, high quality Turkish Beach Towels on the market. In this post we will be reviewing four of our latest fashion designs for you.

At first, we want to inform you about the texture of our high quality Turkish Beach Towels.

  • All of the Turkish Beach Towels we manufacture are woven 100% from high quality cotton.
  • Dyed by the best dye house in Denizli, fouta we manufacture doesn’t contain any harmful materials.
  • Manufactured for a comfortable use, Turkish Towels we manufacture and wholesale are very soft, highly absorbent, quick drying, light weight, thin, and extremely durable.
  • Turkish towels we manufacture can be confidently used for baby care.
  • Our designers follow the latest fashion trends to come up with elegant and eye catching peshtemal
  • Lightweight and thin, Turkish Towels we manufacture take very little space in a suitcase and are easy to pack.

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Pirate Beach Towel – Turkish Beach Towel

 Pirate Beach Towel

Inspired by the reckless pirates, Pirate Beach Towel has naval symbols on it. Fringes swinging on both ends of Pirate Beach Towel, have resemblance to the ship’s tackles. We offer a wide color spectrum for this thematic Turkish Beach Towel, so you can pick the color you desire. With its soft, absorbent and durable texture, Pirate Beach Towel can endure the most reckless pirate!

Check Pirate Beach Towel at https://mottopestemal.com/product/pirate-beach-towel


Nazar Peshtemal – Hammam Towel

Nazar Peshtemal

Highlighting the cultural and historical aspects of traditional hammam towels, Nazar Peshtemal is one of our most elegant designs. Nazar peshtemal has a resemblance with a historical item called evil eye talisman, which is believed to protect you against envious eyes. This hammam towel is perfect for a relaxing spa or hammam session.

Check Nazar Peshtemal at https://mottopestemal.com/product/nazar-peshtemal


Turkish Jacquard Peshtemal – Fouta

Turkish Jacquard Peshtemal

Named after the mastermind behind the modern looms, Joseph M. Jacquard, for Turkish Jacquard Peshtemal is a combination of comfort and elegance. We offer a variety of design options and a wide color spectrum for this high quality fouta. Weighing 360 grams, Turkish Jacquard Peshtemal is one of our lightest and thinnest yet most absorbent and quick drying fouta. Turkish Jacquard Peshtemal will bring joy to a well-deserved vacation.

Check Turkish Jacquard Peshtemal at https://mottopestemal.com/product/turkish-jacquard-peshtemal


Rio Beach Towel – Turkish Towel

Rio Beach Towel

Harmonic diversity of colors at Rio and traditional fringes of Turkish Towels came together to create the perfect towel design on Rio Beach Towel. Inspired by the natural and historical beauty of Rio De Janerio, we have designed an eye catching Turkish Towel. Relaxation may come from the beach, spa or hammam; but comfort will definitely come from our high quality Turkish Towel, Rio Beach Towel.

Check Rio Beach Towel at https://mottopestemal.com/product/rio-beach-towel


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