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In this week’s article, we are going to talk about one of the unexplored usage area for Turkish towels. As you all know, Turkish towels have wide spread of usage areas such as bath, beach, sauna, hammam, travel and finally the fitness.

Gyms and fitness centers are where people sweat most and requires to refreshen after. A warm shower is essential after the hard workout and this is moment that will be unique to use turkish hammam towels in other words peshtemal or fouta. It will give the sensitive touch with the soft and cleaner texture. Best quality Turkish towels are perfect fit for those needs.

Healthy living and nutrition knowledge have trending across the world for recent years. People think this activities as a high-end lifestyle hobby and they want to be comfortable during the fitness time. Uniqueness and desirability of hammam bath towels come from the material, size and absorbtivity. It is also very durable and dry quicker than any other alternatives.

High quality perception requires gym owners to use these kind of quality turkish bath towels. They can build brand identity more easily with the help of Turkish luxury collection towels. You can think this as a sign of elegance, comfort and quality. It can be challenging to choose towels for gym but Turkish hammam towels are right options from many perspective.

Gym towels need to fullfill some basic needs such as cooling the skin, drying quickly, swipping away the sweat easily. Fouta towels are perfect for those requirements. Cotton used into the hammam towels enable the absorb moisture and any kind of liquid. Also its extra-long fibers enable quick drying feature. It’s weaving techniques also bring high durability after many washes. As you know, gyms and fitness saloons give high importance for hygiene and fitness towels need to be washed after every usage.

There are many Turkish towel manufacturer and hammam towel wholesalers in Turkey. In the first wave of popularity of peshtemal, hotels and spas create their luxury collection towels with many towels wholesaler. They have furnished their baths, saunas and hammams with Turkish bath towels. It shows that it’s time for fitness centers to leverage benefits of Turkish towels. In other words, fitness towels will change eventually and traditional hammam towels is best candidate for this change.

turkish hammam towels

If you want to learn more about why hammam towels are perfect fit as a fitness towels and gym towels or if you want any  wholesale inquiry, you can tell us your needs and how you want your products to be and we’ll make it for you!

Dont forget why turkish towels are the perfect workout towels and it’s manufactured in Denizli, Turkey!

As a last part of our weekly article, we’d like you to remind business information about us. You can easily discover our luxury collection of the Turkish towels, hammam towels, bath towels, peshtemal towels and beachwear products. You can contact with us for more information and wholasaling requests via ”Contact Us” page

Motto Peshtemal is reputable Turkish towels wholasaler. We are open to collaborate with any gym and fitness centers owners for quality and profitable business!

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In our new article, we are going to talk about global imports and Turkey wholesale portion in terms of towel wholesale and fouta whosale. As far as World is more connected than ever, each unique and local products have opportunity to shine across globe. Peshtemal in other Word turkish hammam towels are very popular. Every tourists that came to Turkey experience Turkish hammam at least once. Texture and the practicality of the peshtemal easily draw attention for everybody.


In this circumstances, we have great demand and opportunity to wholesale turkish towels. Recent years, peshtemal towels wholesale grows up significantly. USA, Europe and Asia demand our unique quality Turkish towel wholesale for a reason. Turkish towel is one of the most sold textile products by the biggest e-commerce sites of the world, e.g. Amazon. It has large fields of usage such as beach towels wholesale, fitness towels wholesale, promotional towels wholesale, market chains textile wholesale and hammam towels wholesale.

turkish hammam towel wholesale


Turkish towels wholesale has the greatest share across the World. Denizli is one of the biggest producer and Turkish peshtemal wholesaler in the country. It has been produced with handmade for centuries and with semi automatic and full automatic machines called jacquard and dobby lately in the Kızılcaboluk, a part of the Denizli. It’s components are cotton, organic cotton, recycled yarn, bamboo and Oeko-Tex production certification which give the uniqueness for our products. We are proud to be one of the wholesale Turkish hammam towels in Turkey.

Wholesale peshtemal and Turkish cotton towels will continue to raise in 2021.

You can contact with us for Turkish towels wholesale on our “contact us” page. Feel free to send us a mail for your any questions about our products and peshtemal wholesale process.


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This week, we will write about how our Motto Peshtemal products, which we manufacture and wholesale, are manufactured and delivered to you. You might be aware that as Motto Peshtemal, we provide you many products such as;

Turkish beach towels,

peshtemal bathrobes,

patterned cotton fabric masks,

beachwear designs,

baby textile,

home textile,

bath & hotel towels.

We believe that it is an important part of our job to provide our customers both in production and delivery with top-notch services. That’s why we work with extra hygiene measures in the COVID 19 pandemic process that surrounds the whole world.

As Turkish beach towel manufacturer and Turkish beach towel wholesaler, we carefully weave our products 100% from hand-picked, top-quality Turkish cotton. Dyed in the best dye-house in Denizli/TURKEY with anti-allergen and nature-friendly dyes, Turkish beach towels we manufacture doesn’t contain any harmful materials on their texture. We have taken measures in our work environment to offer you the high quality and hygienic products your customers deserve.

As a responsible manufacturer and wholesaler, we consider all our co-workers, our partners, and everyone we work with is our family and in order to offer you the best manufacture and delivery, we took all necessary precautions with care.

We provided all our co-workers with the reliable cotton masks we manufacture and wholesale and made sure that they kept their social distance for their well-being as they worked.
In addition, all our co-worker with zero contact with the products using gloves.

Our co-workers who can work from home to reduce the crowd in our working environment continue to provide support from their home.

We disinfect our factories, warehouses, and offices regularly.

For more detailed information about the precautions we take you can read our previous blog posts DISCOVER PESHTEMAL WE MANUFACTURE & WHOLESALE IN 2020.


We work with the huge care to deliver our Motto Peshtemal products that we manufacture and wholesale by taking the best precautions for you.

We offer our Motto Peshtemal Turkish beach towels, peshtemal bathrobes, patterned cotton fabric masks , beachwear designs, bath & hotel towels, home textile and baby textile products, that we manufacture and wholesale in the most hygienic way to you, we ensure that our co-workers pack them with all hygiene rules and we store them in our sterilized areas, which we disinfect frequently.
Besides all of them, we think that fast and reliable delivery of your orders is one of the most important stages of our business and that’s why we work with the most reliable, well-known and fastest shipping companies like FedEx, TNT and UPS.

If you have your own freight agents, it is not a problem for us at all. If you want to plan the delivery process on your own, you can inform us of the details and we will adapt to your terms!  For your all questions and feedback you can easily contact us “contact us” page!

Also you can  browse our blog to learn all the details about the Turkish towelsbath & hotel towelsbeachwearpeshtemal bathrobesbaby blankets, home textile and patterned cotton masks we manufacture and wholesale!

Yacht Turkish Beach Towel

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We are hoping to see you again in next week’s article  and wish you healthy days as Motto