Turkish Beach Towel



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Sea visits are essential among the holiday plans for the summer season. Beach Towels are one of the most important materials you need to carry with you while on vacation due to the sea cities have very humid weather. Sunburn is inevitable when moisture combines with saltwater. Thus, beach towels must be of a structure that does not preserve humidity. At this point, Motto Peshtemal is coming for you to meet your needs. You need  Turkish Beach Towels to be protected. Towel means courtyard, and courtyard means indoor space.

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turkish-anatolian-hamam-cultureTurkish Hammam Culture

Hamam culture, apart from bathing in a hammam, consists of bath structures, hammam ceremonies, bath entertainment, the items used, the meanings about the bath, folk songs and narratives. When we talk about the bath culture, it is necessary to mention all the accessories and features together.

Turkish Bath Culture

Baths in Anatolia, whose history goes back to the Romans, gained a special importance with the acceptance of Islam by the Turks. The first public bath was opened in 1584 in III. Murat’s mother is the Çemberlitaş Bath, which was built by Nurbanu Sultan to Mimar Sinan. After that, the number of baths increased in a short time and spread to all of Anatolia. Click for reading with more details History of Peshtemal page

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Turkish Towel Review

As the calendars point out the spring, beaches, pool sides and holiday resorts are getting more and more crowded with people who worked very hard during a long winter season. As people are relaxing and having fun, its our line of work to supply them one of their basic needs, towels. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of elegant and comfortable Turkish Towels, we have reviewed 3 of our newest, latest fashion Turkish Towels for our customers. You can discover more of our high-quality Turkish Towels in our website: https://mottopestemal.com/products


Funky Beach Towel – Turkish Beach Towel

Funky Beach Towel

Our designers have created a perfect Turkish Beach Towel for those who like simplicity. With its single-color design, Funky Beach Towel has a simplistic design. Fringes swinging at the both ends of it; Funky Beach Towel is a perfect Turkish Beach Towel for you to create a stylish combination. Woven 100% from high quality cotton, Funky Beach Towel carries the characteristic features of a Turkish Beach Towel. It is a thin, light weight, highly absorbent, soft, and quick drying Turkish Beach Towel.

You can learn more about one of our highest-quality Turkish Beach Towels in our website: https://mottopestemal.com/product/funky-beach-towel


Harmony Beach Towel – Fouta

harmony beach towel

For those who love simplicity, we suggest them to check Funky Beach Towel. However, if you like harmony of colors over a minimalistic design, we have the perfect fouta design for you, Harmony Beach Towel. With vibrant colors combined on it, and fringes hanging at both ends, Harmony Beach Towel is one of our liveliest designs. Woven 100% from high quality cotton, Harmony Beach Towel is thin, soft, and lightweight, yet highly absorbent, and quick drying.

You can learn more about one of our most stylish fouta designs in our website: https://mottopestemal.com/product/harmony-beach-towel

Hasır Peshtemal – Hammam Towel

Hasır Peshtemal

If you liked taking history classes during your education, we proudly offer you one of our traditional designs, Hasır Peshtemal. With its traditional design, and old school fringes hanging on both ends, Hasır Peshtemal conveys the both historical and cultural values of traditional hammam towels on its striped design. Woven 100% from high quality cotton, this traditional hammam towel is soft, highly absorbent, quick drying, thin and light weight. Hasır Peshtemal would catch everybody’s eyes at beaches, pools, spas, hammams, yachts, and hotels. This hammam towel would also make a perfect decorative item in your home.

You can check our traditional hammam towel, Hasır Peshtemal in our website: https://mottopestemal.com/product/hasir-peshtemal