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turkish-anatolian-hamam-cultureTurkish Hammam Culture

Hamam culture, apart from bathing in a hammam, consists of bath structures, hammam ceremonies, bath entertainment, the items used, the meanings about the bath, folk songs and narratives. When we talk about the bath culture, it is necessary to mention all the accessories and features together.

Turkish Bath Culture

Baths in Anatolia, whose history goes back to the Romans, gained a special importance with the acceptance of Islam by the Turks. The first public bath was opened in 1584 in III. Murat’s mother is the Çemberlitaş Bath, which was built by Nurbanu Sultan to Mimar Sinan. After that, the number of baths increased in a short time and spread to all of Anatolia. Click for reading with more details History of Peshtemal page

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turkish hammam towels

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