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It is almost summer now.  As the gentle wind is blowing through our hair, walking among the chirping crowds of people, or puffing the fragrant scent of blossoming flowers… the only and overarching question on our minds is; What will we bring with us while going to the beach this summer? 

Beaches are reflecting this French motto; La vie en rose. Love, hilarity, and laughter…  A fun way to avoid the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic that has stuck us home; beach vacation.

We have compiled 5 necessary things you should bring with you for a shining vacation.


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Color Bomb PeshtemalBesides Turkish Peshtemals part of Turkish bath culture, we can use them in lots of different ways. Turkish Peshtemals have known just stuff to use in bathroom so as to towel down throughout history.  More recently, we could see them by using as Beach Towels too, but now, Turkish Peshtemals are used anywhere. 

The peshtemals are separated from other towels for a pleasant feeling on the skin and are preferred by many people. They have different materials such as cotton, bamboo and in different patterns and colors. In addition, the Peshtemals have high absorbance quality and are used with unassailable certainty; their patterns are so soft and fluffy.